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Casey's on Rosewood originally opened in 1949. An open-air and inside market selling fresh seasonal plants and trees.


Casey's continues our founder's vision – now growing local businesses into something greater while building SC's community.


If you have a unique small business selling arts, crafts, food, or beverages and would like to inquire about renting a space at our open-air marketplace, please enter your information to the right.


For over 69 years, Caseys has been building our local community: Our booths are affordable per day and by the week. Let's grow something great together!

For those businesses who need a bit more space, even if it's just for a client or team meeting, we offer an air-conditioned, indoor building on our property with six rooms that would be optimal for groups of many sizes.


If you're interested, leave us a note and we can discuss more details about the property and work out an affordable Event Space location from indoor or outdoor locations.


We also offer full outdoor rental spaces, either covered or uncovered for events up to 500 people.

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            Casey's On Rosewood

Located in a college town between one of the largest research institutions in the southeast (University of South Carolina, with 33,575 students) and the largest professional training school in the state (Midlands Tech, with 16,000 students), Casey's Market SC is in a perfect position to start your business.


On the corner of Kilbourne Road and Rosewood Drive, a recent commercial study found that Caseys On Rosewood is projected to be seen every day by 19,958 motorists. We have a generous parking spot to accomodate all crowds.


It is nearby the growing neighborhoods of Rosewood and Shandon and just a short drive away from Ft. Jackson and the Veteran's Administration Hospital.


Simply put, this is the perfect place to build your business. Whether you want to sell stone-ground grits, homemade jam, or seasonal fruits and vegetables, Caseys On Rosewood is the place to be.


Get in touch with us today and let's grow together!

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