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Suite B Gallery

*Disclaimer* only Suite D photos are not of actual space, they are potential designs for the space.

                                                                                                                         All the rest of the photos are actual.

Previous Clients: Doc's Gumbo Grille, Utopia

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Suite D - 3000 sq. feet


Suite B Floor Plan

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• 1,200 SQ FT meeting room

• Bar with service area for appetizers

• Greeting area with desk for guest check-in

• Full wi-fi and stereo hookups for live music

• History of hosting live events

• Natural light with mirrored glass windows

• 2 Bathrooms


Suite A Gallery

Casey's on Rosewood Indoor Vendor Market

Casey's On Rosewood Since 1949 / Casey's Fireworks / Jim Casey's Fireworks (when the weather is cooler) is having an INDOOR Vendor Market! Featuring food, entertainment, live music, DJ's, Hawaiian Shave Ice, fireworks, flowering plants, and of course quality Local Vendors! This will be every week! It will be a blast!